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How Cannabis Helps Some Ukrainians Persist Amid War

Tia Moskalenko is a 28-year-old Ukrainian woman and cannabis professional living in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she works as the communications manager for the platform, AskGrowers. AskGrowers strives to provide detailed information and education about brands, manufacturers, and growers for consumers. Moskalenko is like many people in the cannabis industry – working to provide accurate, reliable … Continued

Cannabis and Outside Lands 2022 in San Francisco

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis, Grass Lands and Outside Lands in 2022 One of the Bay Area’s most popular festivals, Outside Lands, has grown into a celebration of music, comedy, art and gastronomy that draws tens of thousands of attendees every year.  The first curated cannabis experience at a major American music festival … Continued

Examples of Cannabinoids

Cannabinoid Types At our SF Dispensary, we get a lot of questions about cannabinoids.  Here is a list of some of the most popular and how they can help you.   Delta-9 THC Delta-9 THC is the cannabinoid most associated with the classic “high” of cannabis.  It is the most studied, most widely known cannabinoid … Continued

San Francisco Pride Week 2022

Kick off SF Pride Week @ BASA San Francisco Pride is a world leader in the global Pride movement and a part of the fabric of Pride events around the globe.  They use their Celebration, Parade, and other events to educate, commemorate, and continue the struggle for true liberation — as well as to raise … Continued

BASA's Open Mic Night

BASA hosts San Francisco’s Open Mic Night! If you’re an aspiring poet, musician, author, or just have a lot to say…come out to our open mic night. An open mic night is a live show organized weekly, monthly, or occasionally, mostly during off-nights, in places like a pub, bar or café to encourage new talents. … Continued

Jazz Sundazes at BASA

Jazz Music in the Divisadero District Long before becoming the hub of a psychedelic counterculture, San Francisco was a haven for jazz musicians. The word “jazz” showed up in a local newspaper right before World War I. Since the early 20th century, the city has developed and launched jazz artists, venues, radio stations, record labels … Continued

January 2022 OSU Study Finds Cannabis May Prevent COVID

A group of scientists from Oregon State finds that the cannabis compounds, CBDA, CBDG and THCA bind to the COVID virus proteins outside the human body, making it more difficult for the virus to penetrate human cells. It’s important to know though, that what happens in the petri dish, sometimes stays in the petri dish. … Continued

How to Shop for Cannabis Topicals by the Weed Fairy

Applying cannabis-infused balms to your skin seemingly works like magic to benefit a wide range of issues. Consumers may be dubious until they learn why it works and experience it for themselves. Our bodies have a system of regulation, the “endocannabinoid system” that modulates immune response, pain, inflammation, the nervous system and more. Cannabis in … Continued

How to Shop for Cannabis Tinctures by The Weed Fairy

Cannabis tinctures are a cost-effective, discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis without the harmful effects of smoking. Tinctures can either be swallowed instantly to produce edible-like effects for an overall body high or held in the mouth “sublingually,” absorbing into oral mucosal membranes to produce a different sensation: mentally stimulating, euphoric effects with a … Continued

How to Shop for Cannabis Cartridges by the Weed Fairy

Cannabis cartridges aka carts are a convenient, discreet and cost-effective way to consume cannabis. Many health-conscious consumers make the switch from smoking to vaporizing because it’s more gentle and may reduce respiratory symptoms. While some brands make proprietary pods with compatible batteries, “cartridge” generally refers to a tank with wickless coil that connects to an … Continued

How to Shop for Cannabis Flower by the Weed Fairy

Cannabis flower (bud/weed) is dense with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD that create psychological and euphoric effects, and terpenes (scent molecules) that allow you to feel various effects such as calm and invigorated, like essential oils do, adding complexity to the high. The holistic experience of cannabinoids plus terpenes is called “the entourage effect.” … Continued

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