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What causes the pungent “skunk” aroma of marijuana?

Many individual aroma notes can be detected when smelling marijuana, ranging from floral to fruity or earthy. We all have our preferences, but most cannasseurs would agree on one thing: any weed worth talking about should smell pungent. It should smell strongly and distinctly like weed, no matter what subtler accents are present. Blue Dream, White … Continued

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month: Exploring the Intersection of Cannabis and Inclusivity

June is not only known as Pride Month but also a time to celebrate and uplift the LGBTQ+ community. In recent years, the cannabis industry has emerged as an advocate for inclusivity and acceptance, aligning its values with those of the LGBTQ+ movement. This blog post aims to explore the shared history, challenges, and victories … Continued

What is cannabis vaping and how does it work?

Cannabis vaping is a way of consuming cannabis by inhalation, to get high or receive therapeutic benefits from weed. Vaporization of cannabis occurs at a lower temperature than combustion, which occurs when smoking weed. Vaping does not use a flame, but heating methods called convection and conduction, which regulate temperature to ensure cannabis doesn’t burn … Continued

Cannabis Edible Dosing for Beginners: With dosage chart by milligrams

Edible forms of cannabis, including gummies, mints, brownies, cookies, tinctures, drinks, and other food products, are discreet and can produce long-lasting, safe effects. They’re great when consumed responsibly, and when you know how much you’re consuming. But edibles can lead you down an unpredictable path if you’re not careful, so it’s important to know what … Continued

Join the Festivities at the 2023 San Francisco NOPA Annual Neighborhood Block Party!

The vibrant and diverse neighborhood of NOPA in San Francisco is all set to host its highly anticipated event of the year – the NOPA Annual Neighborhood Block Party! This year’s extravaganza promises to be bigger, better, and more exciting than ever before. On Saturday, June 3rd, from 11 am to 4 pm, Lyon Street … Continued

How Medical Cannabis Can Improve Your Quality of Life if You Have Chronic Pain

A new study measured the quality of life of more than 3,100 patients who were treated with various forms of medical cannabis, including THC, CBD, and products that combine the two. Most of the participants in the study reported using cannabis for chronic non-cancer pain while a smaller number used the drug for cancer pain, … Continued

Is cannabis addictive?

Humans are pleasure-driven, reward-oriented beings. We have a built-in reward system, and love to feel good and seek out experiences and substances that evoke enjoyment. However, when we rely on substances to provide us with this feel-good high, our internal reward system can become dysregulated and dysfunctional, leading to addiction. Chronic cannabis consumption can turn … Continued

What causes cannabis cottonmouth?

One bad thing about partaking in weed is the unwelcome sensation of feeling like you’ve swallowed a bunch of cotton balls. Cottonmouth, or having a mouth and throat as dry as the Sahara Desert after consuming cannabis, is one of the odder side effects of weed. When it strikes, all bets are off—you may find yourself … Continued

How to pack and smoke a bowl of weed

There are many ways to smoke cannabis, but smoking a bowl in a pipe is perhaps the most well-known. Learning how to pack and smoke a bowl is essential for any session. Whether you’re interested in packing a pipe for a personal smoking session or preparing a bowl for a party, understanding these fundamental principles … Continued

420 DJ Dance Party

We are thrilled to invite you to a special 420 DJ dance party at BASA, your favorite cannabis dispensary in town. Join us on Thursday, April 20th, 2023 from 3-6pm and get ready to dance the afternoon away to the beats of the rockstar DJ Black (@blackismusic). This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate 420, the … Continued

9 best ways to smoke weed

  Humans have been experimenting with different methods of smoking weed for generations. The first-known bong found by scientists dates back 2,400 years ago, when tribal chiefs used golden “vessels” to smoke substances like cannabis and opium. Since then, more methods of smoking weed have become mainstream, leaving the modern cannabis smoker with a long list … Continued

How to roll a good joint

by Ben Hartman Long before you were prescribed medical marijuana or made that first trip to the dispensary, you probably knew cannabis in its most iconic form — rolled up in a joint, or a marijuana cigarette. While there is a wide range of methods for smoking marijuana today and all types of cannabis smoking accessories, there’s something to … Continued