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BASA Promos and Demos for the Week of January 17th

Monday 1/17:

Tuesday 1/18:

Pre-Roll Specials: TBD

Wednesday 1/19:

20% off Wax

Thursday 1/20:

Kanha: Buy 2, Get 1 for a penny

Friday 1/21:

15% off Deliveries

Saturday 1/22:

Indica Saturday:
15% off Lolo and Panacea Indica strain

Sunday 1/23:

Prophet: 25% off Prophet

All Week

20% off Floracal
25% off Prophet
20% off Ember Valley
Buy 2, Get 1 Marley Pre-Rolls
$11 100mg Full Spectrum Gummies
Bhang Chocolate Buy 2, Get 1 for a Penny
Punch Bar Buy 2, Get 1 for a Penny
Dr. Norms Buy 2 Get 1 for a Penny
Papas Herb $5 Pre-Roll Buy 2, Get 1 for a Penny
Space Coyote Buy 2, Get 1 for a Penny
Buy a Cliq Pod, Get a Battery
Brite Sleep Tincture Buy 1, Get 1 for a Penny
$10 Pipes
$15 8ths
15% off Panacea Flower
Ounces starting at $75
FSOs starting at $25
Tsumo Chips Buy 1, Get 1 for a Penny
1g Concentrates starting at $8
Penny Lolo 8th with any delivery order
1g Hybrid cart Buy 1, Get 1 for $20
Buy a 1000mg Canna Lean Tincture, Get a Pr-Roll for a Penny
Buy an Orchid cart, Get a Battery for a Penny
HHCo Non-infused Pre-Rolls Buy 2, Get for a Penny
HHCo 8ths for $25 or 2 for $40
Jetty Pax Pod Buy 1, Get a 1g Live Resin cart for a Penny
Papa & Barkley Buy 1, Get a 10mg Sleep Gummy for a Penny

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