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Jazz Music in the Divisadero District

Long before becoming the hub of a psychedelic counterculture, San Francisco was a haven for jazz musicians. The word “jazz” showed up in a local newspaper right before World War I. Since the early 20th century, the city has developed and launched jazz artists, venues, radio stations, record labels and writers. While most everyone is familiar with Fillmore Street and North Beach, there is a vibrant history associated with Divisadero Street as well.

Miles Davis, The Steve Miller Blues Band, Wed Mongtomery, Big Mama Thornton and Ike & Tina Turner are a sample of the notable acts who played the local jazz clubs. And while the neighborhood has transformed over the years and little from those colorful days has survived, we at BASA are delighted to continue the tradition. As the second longest-running dispensary in the United States, history is especially important to us.

Jazz Music Right at Our Dispensary

We at BASA take joy in our community. We are always looking for new ways to bring people together, enhance quality of life and foster equity. What better way than an accepting cannabis culture and good music. The last Sunday of the month, we host a neighborhood jazz event. We take advantage of the gorgeous local weather, set up in our parking lot and feature a different musician each month. Some may be new to you, others recognizable and a great time is always a given.

Cannabis & Jazz is the perfect combo

BASA hopes you’ll join us. Stop by and stay for the music. Mingle and make new friends. Wander inside and browse our impressive and exceptional quality array of cannabis strains. You’ll find the best brands, most incredible terpenes, a range of potency and every innovation in consumption methods. We are where open minds gather.