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Faced with unprecedented health, social, and financial concerns, each day presents new obstacles. Here at BASA, we take pride in supporting our community, simplifying challenges, and providing easily accessible, trusted, and affordable service. We strive to make your everyday life better. Don’t hesitate to visit our dispensary location at Divisadero and Grove for quality medicine at reasonable prices.

Trusted Medical Cannabis Services

Locally owned and operated, BASA operates the second oldest dispensary in the country and continues to concentrate on the individual needs of each patient. We welcome you with a comfortable, secure, neighborhood feel. Our knowledgeable staff promotes confident choices and a positive experience. If you’re not sure of what product might be best and are feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

Visit BASA for medical cannabis you can count on!

BASA looks forward to guiding you along a natural and rewarding path toward better health and wellness. Our selection of proven brands is licensed, tested, verified organic, and pesticide-free. We are open late, include convenient pickup, and follow responsible COVID protocols for social distancing, disinfecting, and your safety. Along with keeping prices low, we run a well-established Compassion Program to provide free or reduced-cost cannabis to low-income patients. BASA also offers free delivery within San Francisco!