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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis, Grass Lands and Outside Lands in 2022

One of the Bay Area’s most popular festivals, Outside Lands, has grown into a celebration of music, comedy, art and gastronomy that draws tens of thousands of attendees every year. 

The first curated cannabis experience at a major American music festival is back for a fourth year of fun! The 21+ celebration of all things cannabis – the first of its kind at a major American music festival – is back in SoPo (South of the Polo Fields) with fun, education, and resources for how cannabis integrates into your daily lives.

All the essentials are here: buy goods at The Farmers’ Market by High Times, including Grass Lands-exclusive products from Timeless, Woodstock Heritage and Sundae School; head to the Garden of Weed’n to consume your purchases; take in some live music in the Arts District and don’t worry – there’s delicious food from Total Meltdown and Bloomstock in case of the munchies. You can even pre-order from The Farmers’ Market by High Times with the Outside Lands app and pick your purchases up when you arrive!

If you’d rather pick up some pregame essentials, BASA is here for all of your festival needs!  Show us your wrist band for some concert goer deals!

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