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Disposable pens, full spectrum cartridges, speciality pods and a wonderfully variety of vapes makes BASA a San Francisco favorite. Offering the most-recognized brands, including Brite Labs, AbsoluteXtracts, Raw Garden, Lyfted Farms and more, we welcome you to browse in-shop or online. Narrow your search by weight, price, effects, activities and discover an exciting array of strains and potency up to 93.26% THC.

Easy to Consume Vapes Sold at BASA

Convenient, discreet and so easy to use, vapes are great for an active lifestyle. You enjoy the smooth burn, rich terpenes and cannabinoid benefits of smoking without the odor, ash and extra effort and gear. Because of lower temperatures, there’s less throat and lung irritation, less worry over carcinogens and very little smoke (that dissipates quickly). With every inhale, you can accurately and precisely dose.

At BASA finding, operating and enjoying the right vape is simple and rewarding. Whether for recreational pleasure, medicinal properties or a healthier alternative to traditional smoking, our vapes definitely fit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to assist, answer questions and share insight. For those with hectic schedules, opt for the ease of delivery of vapes across San Francisco, Lower Haight, Haight Ashbury, Hayes Valley, Pan Handle, Daly City, South San Francisco, Marin City & Corte Madera, CA.